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The C student starts a restaurant.

The A student writes restaurant reviews.

  1. J. O’Rourke

Can someone write that dreaded paper for me?

We all have plans for life. For some, it’s academic success, for others it’s world domination.

Meanwhile, we have to go to college, which means we have to combat dozens of assignments. Every professor believes that their course is the most important and should be given the priority. Time and time again these tasks have to be completed asap – say, tomorrow, isn’t that frustrating?

Most people will admit that there is more to life than GPA and written assignments, but they do influence you in the meantime. How does one stay on top of their grades and still manages to accomplish their ambitious goals?

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I was not a good student. I did not spend

much time at college; I was too busy enjoying myself.

Stephen Hawking

If you’ve ever encountered such a situation yourself, chances are, you already have something like “essay writing help urgent” or “cheap custom essay online” in your Google search history. That’s fine; you do have to start searching somewhere. However, you might have already found out that everyone and their mother seem to sell essays these days. While this is excellent because it makes paper writing services improve, it’s difficult to find an brilliant service that will meet all the required standards.

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Now, you may have some questions. Let’s discuss them in depth.

Q: There are thousands of other options. I hear that some websites offer complete academic papers for free.

A: This might be true. However, firstly, such services ofttimes are hard to find. Secondly, when submitting an essay from such a website, you will almost inevitably be accused of plagiarism, and rightfully so. Thirdly, qualified writers value their work and don’t want it to end up somewhere you can get it for free, and let’s be honest: you do have to pay for quality professional essay writing, there’s no way around it.

Q: Okay, what about services that sell ready papers?

A: Again, if you bought such a paper, someone might have done that before you, which again means plagiarism. Besides, it is doubtful that such an essay will meet the requirements set by your professor for your assignment, even if the topic is the same. Thus, your paper has to be written from scratch.

Q: I got it. Ok, Google, “custom essay writing service cheap”.

A: While it’s not impossible to find a service that will compose a paper for you on the cheap, it’s not guaranteed that the quality of their work will satisfy you – or your professor. There’s no evidence that your essay will be proofread before delivering. Once again, the writers might use fragments of other existing works, and the issue of plagiarism is not resolved even then. Also, if you do buy a paper from such a service, they might resell it to someone else again, which is for certain not good.

Q: So what do I do?

A: Consider using professional essay writing services. This option might not be the cheapest, but it’s worth every penny.  

  • Firstly, custom essay writing services value their reputation. Thus they employ only the best writers. Writing, be it essays, reports or science fiction, is what these people do best. To begin working for an earnest academic paper writing service one usually has to be a native English speaker, have a solid background and hold specific qualifications in their field.
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  • An excellent essay writing service understands that the clients don’t want their information public, and hence offers complete anonymity.
  • Lastly, custom essay writing services realise that time is money, and if you need your paper as soon as possible, you will get it in no time.

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