Short Autobiographical Personal Essay Topics

Personal essay is a glimpse into personal life experiences of the writer. You may need to write a personal essay for various reasons. Mostly students have to include a personal essay with their admission applications to convince the admission committee in their favor. Personal essay is required as a vital part of the application. Students have to pursue through their writing that they are the best candidate to get admission in specific field. It helps the institution to know you as an individual person with specific grades, test scores and other objective data. You should be very careful while writing your personal essay as it is one of the most important pieces of writing of your life. Your career and future depend on it. You should maintain a professional tone throughout the essay. However, you need to be extremely serious because you have to offer yourself to be admitted to college. There is no need to be too emotional, too humoristic or too original. Here is a list of topics to write your short autobiographical essay:

  • How a Person Can Change His Directions
  • The Day When You Met your Best Friend
  • When You Made a Difficult Choice
  • If You Could Live Your Dream Place
  • The Greatest Book You Read
  • An Exciting Tour
  • Your Most Interesting Research Experience
  • The Most Interesting Movie
  • Reveal Your Life Philosophy
  • How You Overcome Fear
  • The Most Terrifying Experience
  • The Most Influential Person in Your Life
  • Your Most Valued Personal Qualities
  • Your Future Plans
  • The Most Embarrassing Moment of High School
  • Childhood Memories
  • Apprehensions about Life
  • Describe a Significant Experience/Interest that is Special for You
  • Mention Your Long Term Career Goals
  • Leadership Influence for Organizational Change
  • What is the Best Advice You Ever Received? Why? Did You Follow It?
  • Choose Three Adjectives and Explain Them for Your Personality

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